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WingChun integrates and unifies the Fatshan-HongKong WingChun with the complete Goo-Lo WingChun system taught out of Guangzhou by our Patriarch, Master LEUNG One-qi Sifu.

Leung Sifu was a very understanding, open-minded, progressive and mature Goo-Lo WingChun Master. He appreciated the many years of accumulated learning and teaching of the Fatshan-HongKong WingChun in VIKOGA, and encouraged us to amalgamate this database of knowledge and skills with what we learned from him.

Leung Sifu’s TRIUNIFINITI Goo-Lo WingChun (ref. Chinese book now available in footnote) is the result of decades long research, study, learning and teaching the complete Goo-Lo WingChun system and advanced Taoist Internal Power Alchemy.

Leung Sifu's


Goo-Lo WingChun is the result of decades long research"

He not only encouraged and supported our ongoing promotion of WingChun with the 2 main streams as one, in tandem, but also graciously accepted our determinedradical reconstruction of WingChun with interrelated disciplines such as the fascia theory (ref. Myers’ Anatomy Trains), biotensegrity, Fuller’s Cosmography, Sacred Geometry and Schauberger’s hydroglyphics, to name just a few.

Leung Sifu was a very sought after subject matter expert on Goo-Lo WingChun and had a large number of followers in Mainland China. Overseas in Australia, his disciples include Dr. John Fung, Senior Master Cam Seeto and Acton Victor Leow. We are extremely grateful to Leung Sifu for his support and generous transmissions. His contribution to the WingChun Kungfu field is still yet to be felt and understood, but over time, we are confident many will come to accept, admire and incorporate what he taught into their learning and practices.

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