This is the official VIKOGA website. The pages here will show you what VIKOGA is and what it can do for you.  We wish you the very best in your quest for excellence and personal development through the martial arts.  This the essence of VIKOGA. 

Our Best To You



Wing Chun Concepts

Learn about the core principles underpinning VIKOGA.

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Explore the Syllabus and levels of competency in VIKOGA.

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Goo-Lo Wing Chun

Read about VIKOGA’s roots and Goo-LO (Kulo) Wing Chun’s role in its power methods.

VIKOGA is a process to cultivate ourselves virtuously through and internal Martial Arts discipline.

VIKOGA is an acronym that stands for : Virtual Intelligent Kinesthetically Oriented Geometric Articulation.

VIKOGA -Training Classes 
West Ryde Public School Hall
6 Endeavour Street
West Ryde
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Email: vikoga888@yahoo.com
Phone: 0408 883 229