What is Vikoga?

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VIKOGA is a process to cultivate ourselves virtuously through an internal martial arts discipline. VIKOGA is an acronym for Virtual Intelligent Kinesthetically Oriented Geometric Articulation. A human being is a terrestrial biollogic entity with a composite body, mind and spirit. Thus, VIKOGA jointly refines and trains up the body, mind and spirit together. Our baseline utility model is the ubiquituous WingChun Kungfu system.

As we have certain unique and exclusive VIKOGA features in how we do our martial arts, we distinguish our WingChun as Wing Chun # (pronounced as sharp as in the musical scale symbol). 

This distinction makes it easier for the Wing Chun students, practitioners and teachers to understand, practice and promote the system. 

We respect the diversity in the martial arts community and we extend our friendship to you all.

Wing Chun has brought a lot of excitement and meaning to the martial arts world with its nature and technology. The recent glamorisation of the system through the media and movies also contributes significantly to its promotion on a never-before experienced scale and volume.  We celebrate this trend and hope to also provide input from our Wing Chun system.

VIKOGA Wing Chun has a few unique core concepts and principles.


– Using Intent to mobilise movements.

– Having a defined Self-Safety-Space to shield and work with combatively.

– Treating techniques as dynamic body structuring.

– Incorporating ergonomics, and other technologies to enhance and streamline the system.This distinguishes Wing Chun as a refreshing unique approach to protecting yourself.