This is one of the MOST powerful symbols in martial arts. It embodies some of the most effective Wing Chun concepts and principles.

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We define the most effective range as “ The shortest distance between ANY part of you which is closest to the RELEVANT target area of the enemy and can act upon it, neutralising it immediately.” It is NOT always a straight line. The safe-guarding and neutralizing counter or pre-emptive attack, to protect yourself or others, is also NOT necessarily the straightest!

The hook or cross that boxers employ to KO their opponents and get them the prize money (nowadays, it can be in the millions) is NOT straight either. We really wouldn’t tell champions like Dempsey or Tyson that their blows just ain’t straight enough. Nor do we argue with scientists that arrows and bullets simply do not fly in a straightline! And yes, sniper’s bullets don’t necessarily fly straight either.



The concept of the Self-Safety-Space (S3) and the flip side of it, the Invasive-Vector-Force-Field (ivf2).

There is no shape-up nor braced fighting preparatory defensive stance in WingChun. WingChun fights from any position you find yourself in at the instant when the fight occurs.The first stratagem is to fight close-in to the enemy, NOT necessarily by getting in closer but by collapsing the enemy’s space as much, and as quickly, as possible from the outset. 

This improves significantly your chances of winning in an altercation.This is one of the main purposes of Chi Sau. To become adroit in shutting down the enemy’s combativeness as soon as possible by going into their space and taking over. You become and appear to be very fast by positioning, as soon as possible, your attacking tools close to your enemy.


In the old Dr. Who series, the Daleks are the best example of the initial BASIC body unity alignment, where the whole body moves as 1 unit. However, this is the most basic alignment, which a more mature student must grow out of. The next level is the tank turret model, where the body can move in one direction and the shooting occurs in another. A correct practice of WingChun Jum-Q form (aka. Movibilis) perfectly illustrates this principle.